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uncommon mutual intimate embrace

awkward research papers

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My journal consists of rants, accounts of my day - rarely, though, because I have boring days - and scattered thoughts.

It is Friends Only for the most part. My public entries are just silly. Occasionally I will leave a serious entry public, but I am a very private person. If you are going to add me, just leave me a comment. It's easy to share with strangers. Also, I advise you not to mock people with mental illnesses or to attempt to disprove the existence of mental illnesses around me. It hits my Merciless-Wrath-Nerve pretty hard. I'm open to most debate. CIVIL debate, you damn defensive condescending human grrrr! When people disagree it reminds me of how off balance we all are and further motivates me to bless people here on earth with my incredible Libra balancing effects (~FORMOFASCALE~). *Ahem* Oh, on that note, I'm very interested in ghosts and spirits and time.

My name is Brittany. I can't stand my name but I love when you call me by it, so long as you don't think of Britney Spears when you do. I love people but I don't like dealing with them. I am an introverted person and I prefer not to be with people in large groups. I am more than enthusiastic about meeting people with whom I can share meaningful experiences and conversations - and who wish to straddle a log facing opposite me while I puff out my cheeks in pufftastic wonder. I love animals and I don't mind dealing with them; I never mind being around them, either, unless I am eating. I am a doggy defender to the death.

I value compassion and empathy a great deal and believe that understanding and desire to understand - in any aspect - is the highest form of intellect.

I mean it when I ask how you are.

I write anything, depending upon my mood, but I don't understand the concept of structure. Please teach me (depending upon my mood). I strive to understand the human mind to the best of my ability. As a result, I tend to over-analyze the actions and words of others. Next to writing, Psychology is my main passion. It completely turns me on. I'm also totally turned on by Feminism. And WEEEIRD movies, books and people. And other people's interests...I am interested in hearing your favorite things to talk about; the prospect of new interests excites me. Oooh. Look at me. I'm gettin' excited.

I drool over books (not literally because my Kinder-teacher taught me never to ruin books). Being surrounded by endless stacks of books makes my mouth water, though...really...

My favorite types of walks are the unexpected kinds - unless I am naked - and I like unexpected pleasant anythings as long as they won't last long. I don't like for things to be finished or set in stone; the idea of something being over or definite or DEFINITELY OVER makes me anxious and uneasy. I feel comfortable in open, flexible environments...and relationships.

That is, of course, a horse, of course, a something...something...I forget what I was saying. Uhh...sooo...if you haven't known me for a long time, you seldom will be certain that I am being sarcastic; in fact, sometimes I am not being anything. Sometimes I just say things in varying tones for reasons unknown to me. It is just totally arbitrary. It sickens me, to be perfectly honest.

I am not a super hero, but when I think of one to be, I will happily take on my role. As of now, I am a passionate, disorganized Psych major sitting on a rock, just tryin' to be an INFP in this world and still learn how to scuba dive.

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