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I want to keep my goosebumps

You know when you hear a song and something about it sends electricity through your body? There are particular notes that move through you and produce this ineffable high.

Why does that go away the more I listen to the song? What does that mean?

Driving now feels good, but it will never feel the same as it did the first time I drove.

Is this how I feel about love? I don't feel like this about individual people. The more I know someone, the more my appreciation and love for them grows. But the concept of love itself...I don't think I can ever feel it again the way I once did. So what does that mean?


Mar. 27th, 2012 05:29 am (UTC)
It means that your brain chemistry shifts to adjust to the new experience and then once the pathways are created you can't even experience the same sensation of newness again, it's repeating what's already there. though it can still be altered to a degree within the created boundaries.

it doesn't mean anything is wrong with you at all brittany.