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Just popping in to say that bitter rants can be funny, WHEN RANTED PROPERLY or improperly, depending on how you look at it and

I get annoyed by stupid things

and I don't mind if people get annoyed by stupid things...EVERYONE does...

it's just when people can't separate their annoyances from anything else, and when they think their pet peeves are IMPORTANT, like...they don't realize it's trivial, or they do realize it's trivial, but they continue to make a big deal about it. y'know?

I typed in "things that annoy me" into the search engine and now I want to make my own list

Isn't the Internet amazing?! The other day Alex called me and told me she wasn't near a computer, and wanted to know if I could find anything about a volcano eruption where she was because the sky had suddenly filled with smoke. I googled it and found an ARTICLE on it...I found an article and the smoky skies that had JUST APPEARED...in a completely different state! Isn't that awesome? We have such an advantage with the rapid exchange of information we are capable of.

Say I'm thinking about ducks, and I wonder if when a duck dies, you can take their beak and wear it as a hat...I JUST thought of that as I was typing it, so now...let's go to google...okay...uh, I was a little TOO random with that one and apparently am the first person to ever search that idea. But anyway, when you're not TRYING to be random and you just have a random thought, you can just go on the Internet and find MILLIONS of people who wonder the same things and have the same ideas. That's incredible! I'm glad to be alive during a period where technological growth is so rapid and constant. Although I do wonder...you know, I'm just too tired.

On a closing note: